Posted on January 31, 2014 by MerliniDota
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

We’ve been trying to do a viewer event for a while now! At long last, Merlini has settled in, no casting priorities, the police scanner has been quiet so let’s do this!
This Saturday, February 1st at 10:00AM PST (GMT-8) – a 24 hour live stream will start!

This time we’re going to be doing something different, 24 hours of all you can watch Merlini! Filled with all sorts of goodies, from tons of viewer & subscriber games to giveaways, hero strawpolls, old school WC3 and more.

We’ll also have a donation ticker running with donation & subalerts to celebrate each and every one of you awesome viewers! If you do choose to donate we’ll have some rewards lined up for you!

2014 – Year of the Horse
Ready for some Zeus Sprees?

Schedule, giveaways, top donator reward!

To give you guys a rough layout of the 24 hour schedule, we’ve posted the time segments & highlights below.

There will be 3 giveaways, the last of which will be a bag of Dota 2 goodies raffled off eligble to everyone who donated $10* or more. Of course if he or she is asleep or passed out on their keyboard at that point, we’ll get it to the winner as soon as he’s awake!

The other 2 giveaways will be entirely viewer based, ANYBODY in the Twitch channel at the moment of the giveaway is eligble.

* if you have donated $10 or more in the last 3 months you are automatically eligble

Viewer games, community donation tiers & police hats

When we said “tons of viewer & subscribers games” we weren’t kidding. Hours filled with ridiculous & fun games modes from OMG X2 Dota to the newly implemented Ability Draft to All Mid absurdities. We’ll try to get as many viewers as we can to play, and although subscribers will get some priority we will do our best to get you in on one or more of them!

To make the donations a little more interesting, we have thought of 3 community donation tiers. If the total donations (which will be shown periodically) reach a certain level, these tiers are unlocked and provided to you guys!

Merlini Police reporting for duty!

If you’re considering donating

If you’re considering donating, we’ve thought of some things we’d like to give you back! Here’s the list of rewards for donating.

$1 You sir or madam, are awesome! Your name will be added & shown on the donator list!
$3.22 You will get the chance to vote on heroes for Merlini to play / “throw” with during each donator’s choices game!
$5* Merlini reads your msg (excluding inappropriate stuff – racism etc).
$10 Automatically added to the donator giveaway pool
$100 Choose a SIGNED t-shirt with either the marioesque Zeus or BoTs/Midas Juggernaut on the front, your name on the back and a personalized message of choice!. On top of this EXCLUSIVE t-shirt, you will also get 1 hour of coaching, to be scheduled together with Merlini!
Top donator You will be immortalized as a founder of the MerliniDota Institute of Destruction (coming 2014)!
You will also
– Get 3 hours of personalized coaching
– Receive a signed t-shirt of your choice (Zeus or Juggernaut)
– Receive a signed mousepad
– Get your question answered in a special Mailbag episode
– Add Merlini to your Steam Friend List (all stalking perks included)
– Have Merlini play 3 games of Ranked Matchmaking with you, either to carry or support you!
$10000 (B)romantic weekend away
A once in a lifetime opportunity to get away with none other than the M-God. Share your intimate knowledge of Dota with the man who became famous shooting lightning from the sky. Wander through the fields, share a boatride, stare into each others eyes, this weekend away will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more.

Donations include all lower rewards, so if you donate $5 you also get the rewards from donating $1 and $3.22

* or subscribing

Community Donation Tiers

Tier 1 ($750)
Merlini will dress up in a full police costume (baton & everything) for the next video tournament cast!

Tier 2 ($1500)
Merlini will engage in a drinking duel vs another streamer, both the streamer and date of the event will follow if the goal is reached!

Tier 3 ($2000)
Merlini will perform a rap song (Lumi style), to be immortalized on YouTube after, and the community decides on song (Reddit, Strawpoll, whichever proves most effective).

You guys are so amazing with donations that we’ve added a 4th Tier!

Tier 4 ($5000)
LARP TIME! Live Action Role Playing. Merlini will LARP a Dota game. Details to follow & be decided on Reddit or such! Also to be immortalized on YouTube of course.


All specific times are listed in PST (GMT-8)

0-8 hours RMM, Meepo Madness, Viewer games

12PM RMP reporting for Duty
2PM StarCraft 2 Michael Management Skills
6PM Viewer Giveaway #1 !

8-16 hours Games with Friends, Friends vs Viewers, Zeus Madness and even more viewer Games

7PM Binding of Isaac
12AM Hearthstone
2AM Viewer Giveaway #2 !

16 – 24 hours Viewer games, viewer games, viewer games, viewer games, viewer games, you get the point…

4AM Old School WarCraft 3
10AM Donator Raffle, everyone who donated $10 or more is eligble!