Posted on February 03, 2014 by Ben Wu

Hey everyone!

Well, to say the 24 hour stream was a success would be an understatement. Initial chat issues and a me being truly “out of it” in the last few hours aside things went very very well!

After we had some time to sum up all the donations the total comes to a whopping $5146.08. And yes, that means even our 4th Tier (which we had to add after 10 hours because we never anticipated this much support) was reached! We will be permanently listing every single one who donated, and we will start contacting people on Twitch in order to get information about which t-shirt you would like & your shipping info! The coaching sessions will start getting scheduled right after that.

Top Donator(s)

An unbelievable $1000 donation from the users Theswagmiral and elliotDota puts them in a tied first place for the top donator spot! And being the good sports they are, there wasn’t any “0.51 cent” last minute donation, no these two amazing donators will be sharing in the glory & priviliges that come with it.
They will both be receiving all the benefits of being the top donator, which means the following:

– They are the first founders of the MerliniDota Institute of Destruction (coming 2014)!
– They will receive 3 hours of personalized coaching
– They will receive a signed t-shirt of your choice (Zeus or Juggernaut)
– They will receive a receive a signed mousepad
– They will get their question answered in a special Mailbag episode
– They get to add Merlini to your Steam Friend List (all stalking perks included)
– They get to have Merlini play 3 games of Ranked Matchmaking with you, either to carry or support you!

Of course we never thought a donation as large as this would come in, so we’ll be getting in touch with them personally to see if weekends away or romantic dinners are also of interest to them!

Community Tiers

The communal donation tiers that were reached means the following will be happening:

Tier 1 ($750)
Merlini will dress up in a full police costume (baton & everything) for the next video tournament cast!

Tier 2 ($1500)
Merlini will engage in a drinking duel vs another streamer. Two streamers have been approached and details are to follow soon!

Tier 3 ($2000)
Merlini will perform a rap song (Lumi style), to be immortalized on YouTube after, and the community decides on song. Reddit post will be up soon, and we’ll edit the link in here when it is!

Tier 4 ($5000)
Live Action Role Playing. Merlini will LARP a Dota game. Details to follow & be decided on Reddit or such! Also to be immortalized on YouTube of course.

To each & every one of you

Thank you. Whether you’re a viewer, a subscriber, a donator, whether you have been with us since the start or yesterday was your first time: thank you. We hope to see you all at the future streams & viewer events.

A massive shoutout to everyone who helped out with the organization of the event, the moderators who did a phenomenal job of answering questions, getting the games organized and helping make sure that donators got their voting links; you all gave up a huge chunk of your time for this and we could not have done it without you. And of course a special mention to RMP for literally spoonfeeding me so I wouldn’t starve!

We’ll promise you one thing; there will be much more to follow. And most definitely another round of the famous 2013 Merlini Drinking Game!

Now I’ve got to go try on this police costume, see you at the next stream!

Ben “Merlini” Wu