Ben “Merlini” Wu

Ben “Merlini” Wu began playing Dota in 2005 and was a competitive player for many years. He quickly established himself in the top ranks internationally and has had the honor of competing alongside many current stars on the e-sports scene. Merlini was previously dubbed “M-God” in the Eastern hemisphere for his legendary use of intelligence-based heroes such as Zeus and Silencer.

Following his prolific competitive career, Merlini has taken up the mantle as a figure of authority within the Dota community. Merlini has transitioned into becoming a professional Dota 2 streamer and consultant.  Currently, Merlini’s stream attracts thousands of viewers daily.  His guides and videos provide knowledge and resources to avid players around the world.  Also, his development team has pioneered a unique view-on-demand platform of over 1,000 games. Merlini was chosen to be one of the analyst members on the TI3 panel and is recognized as a sought-after, expert commentator in today’s top tournaments, often collaborating with Beyond the Summit TV.

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