Posted on April 11, 2013 by MerliniDota

Hello everyone!
We will be pushing through some of the updates I talked about in the last post, I’ll quickly highlight some of the things you can expect.

Ratings & tags
For now we will open up the rating of games to the public without a base-rating assigned by us. You can start giving feedback this weekend by rating a match with a 1-5 star rating. We have also taken a look at some statistics we have available from each game and will be assigning some “tags” per match. For example if a match was a clear pub-stomp then such a tag will be assigned to that match. Initially we might need to adjust our formula a few times to filter out (or filter in) some edge results and such. As soon as we think the tags are appropriate we won’t only release them to you guys, we will also allow you to filter the games based on tags. Speaking of filters…

Because the catalog is quickly growing we thought it would be useful to have some sort of search and filter function. Before we implement a search we will allow you to filter on some more statistics and data than just “hero played”. The tags I mentioned above will be “filterable” as well as the rating, friends / queueing partners (so you can look up all the Boogalini / Frushlini games you want!) and more.

Initially we set it up so the catalog was a list of VoDs that contained matches. The menu item Catalog will now instead be the list of matches that Merlini played and that we have logged. This way you don’t have to go browsing through VoDs to find the last pub match, you can just browse through the list. You can still get to the VoD that was recorded in its entirety through the match details page of course.

Most played this week & Hero Requests
The “most played this week” will be activated, although we might change it to be a bit smaller than the portrait photo. The reason for that is that we will be introducing the Hero Request poll. The frequency and exact working of this poll is to be determined after I consult with Merlini a second time, but the basic gist is: you guys vote on which hero you want him to play, and he will select from the top 5 voted! We’ll save all data from votes so we can show you guys statistics down the line of which hero you wanted him to play and so on and so forth.

One last thing I wanted to mention; I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails through the Contact Page for people who want to reach Merlini with a question or comment. I’ll make this a bit clearer on the contact page itself; but if you want to ask or send merlini something, you can use merlini@merlinidota.com. The contact form on the catalog sends e-mails to myinbox, and is meant for questions, comments or suggestions on the catalog! I’ve forwarded all the e-mails with questions for Merlini of course so he has gotten them!

As always; hope you enjoy the content and we look forward to seeing you on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/merlinidota