Posted on June 03, 2013 by MerliniDota

I will be hosting a Dota OMG tournament for subscribers and viewers on Saturday, June 8th.  Signups will end on Friday June 7th at 2PM and teams will be chosen on Friday June 7th at 3PM.

Team details:

  • 8 teams total
  • 25 subscribers and 15 viewers will be chosen in total, more viewers if there aren’t enough subscribers.
  • 5 teams will be 5 subscribers each
  • 3 teams will be 5 viewers each
  • Each team will have a captain that will manage their team via Skype groups

Bracket & format details:

  • Brackets will be on the MerliniDota website and/or Google Doc.
  • Estimated start times:
    Round 1 (8 teams): 2:00 PM
    Round 2 (4 teams): 2:45 PM
    Finals: 3:30 PM
  • I will be hosting the game via d2ware.net and cast/commentate on the game
  • Players actually in the tournament are highly discouraged from watching the stream during the game (no stream delay), but it isn’t technically banned since I have no way of enforcing it.
  • Games will be hosted on ‘Automatic’ server unless BOTH captains agree on a different server
  • Best of 1, single elimination
  • All Random, Random Skills, Dota x2 (repicking heroes is allowed)
  • There will be a coinflip – winner will choose side (Radiant/Dire)
  • Maximum 5 minutes pause for each team per game
  • Prizes for winner: TBD

Donate to prize pool
If you would like to donate treasure keys or any other in-game item to the prize pool, please add http://steamcommunity.com/id/MerliniDotaPrizes and/or e-mail merlini AT merlinidota.com!

Keep in mind that Dota OMG is NOT balanced to any extent and this is purely for fun.  More Dota OMG games will (probably) follow after the tournament!  Check out d2ware.net for more information on custom Dota games on private servers.