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MerliniDota debuts new Dota 2 community website and VoD catalog


CHICAGO, IL, U.S. – June 10, 2013 – Thunderous applause! MerliniDota today announces the launch of www.merlinidota.com, a resource designed to bring together avid Dota 2 players and MerliniDota followers around the world. Crafted by a close team of web developers, the site boasts a groundbreaking video-on-demand catalog of MerliniDota public matchmaking replays. Fans will also be able to follow MerliniDota news/blog posts, tournament castings, as well as other Dota 2 events and live appearances.

The MerliniDota VoD catalog features a custom tagging and rating system allowing viewers to identify unique strategies, unconventional builds or breathtakingly epic plays! Experience your favorite hero through the eyes (and mouse) of one of the world’s most accomplished e-sports players.

Acknowledged as one of the game’s foremost experts, enthusiasts count upon MerliniDota to provide deep insight into the minds and decisions of today’s top professional players (and former teammates). MerliniDota has collaborated with Beyond The Summit to take part in the production of the TI3 Eastern Qualifiers, with many more exciting and high-profile tournament casts to come.

MerliniDota’s growing library of academic guides/tutorials provides learning resources for the wide audience of Dota 2 players seeking to constantly improve upon their gameplay. The Mailbag Series is a weekly Q&A session confronting the most persistent and controversial issues facing the Dota 2 scene today.

Meet Merlini this Saturday, June 15th at the Dota 2 Open LAN in Chicago!

Stay tuned to www.merlinidota.com for updates.

Press and Media Inquiries: pr@merlinidota.com

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About MerliniDota

Ben “Merlini” Wu is a professional Dota 2 streamer and analyst. Formerly a competitive player, he began playing Dota in 2005. Quickly established in the top ranks internationally, he has had the honor of competing alongside many current stars on the e-sports scene. Currently, Merlini’s stream attracts thousands of viewers daily, his development team has pioneered a unique view-on-demand platform of over 1,000 games and he is recognized as a sought-after, expert commentator in today’s top tournaments.