Posted on November 10, 2014 by MerliniDota

Hey everyone,

Time for another update!
After Ben returned from Korea we were able to resume the activities we had put on pause since the summer. Let’s go over some of the stuff we’ve been doing behind scenes.

Catalog 2.0
After Twitch announced their change in the vod system we were left scratching our nonexistent beards and trying to figure out what to do about our catalog. Just around the time we thought of a solution Ben decided to jet off to Korea!

Let’s start with the good news first:

  • We have built a fully automated tool that allows Ben to automatically push all the games he streams as individual YouTube videos, which are indexed behind the scenes in the same fashion the old catalog was.
  • The first batch of content was pushed to YouTube this weekend and the automation is looking really good, content will be updated after every stream.
  • Updating the website to reflect these new videos (YouTube instead of Twitch embedding) will be done very soon (1-2 weeks rollout time)
  • Games played from November forward will not have music in them, allowing viewers their own choice of music or none at all, I’ll come back to this in a moment.

YouTube Catalog playlists for the first batch of content:

Some “bad” news:

  • We downloaded the majority of the content that we could from Twitch that wasn’t muted or accidentally deleted. We tried uploading it to YouTube but over half of it immediately gets flagged and sadly a large portion is tagged with “Blocked in some countries” or even “Blocked worldwide”. When third party content is detected there is sometimes an option that will still allow us to put it on the channel without monetizing it, but the “blocked” tags doesn’t offer that option.
  • This basically means we won’t be able to offer you guys the old games (anything before the summer of 2014) for now until we have filtered out the games that make it past YouTube. It’s on our list of things, but bear with us until we’ve managed to get it sorted.

Changes to the livestream
If you’ve been joining the livestream this last week you might have noticed the lack of music, as I mentioned above. Our decision for this is both to allow viewers their own choice of music and to avoid getting copyright notices when pushing our content to YouTube. Our goal is to create permanent content and this greatly helps in achieving that. We want our viewers to be able to enjoy Merlini’s games on their own time and not be forced to the streaming schedule.

Whenever Merlini is live, you can join his music broadcast in a separate tab at grooveshark.com/merlinidota. It’s a small adjustment, but hopefully this meets people who want their own music halfway and people who enjoy Merlini’s taste of music can still join the broadcast on Grooveshark. We know Grooveshark isn’t flawless and mobile users are left in the cold a bit so if you guys have suggestions they are more than welcome! We also created a spotify playlist for those who prefer that!

More sub & viewer games, interaction, muh chat experience
We’re moving towards a more consistent schedule for things like subdays, viewer events and interaction with viewers on the livestream. We’re setting up a few more seemingly ‘standard’ tools today like the donation/sub alert & ticker but also a bot directly connected to Merlini so he can be informed of good questions asked by viewers in the chat with some moderation done by the mods. In general we’re hoping to increase the quality of the stream as well as your interaction with Merlini. We’ll be announcing these changes along the way and look forward to seeing you all on the livestream!

And a lot more…soon (in Valve time, jk)
This was just the beginning. We have many more content ideas brewing behind the scenes, we want to get a good infrastructure set up before we push it out but stay tuned. We’ll try to update this website regularly with news.

That’s it for now, hope you are all doing well, stay awesome & we hope to see you on the livestream.

The MerliniDota Crew