Posted on March 22, 2014 by MerliniDota

(To keep up with the apparent ‘southern’ accent that’s sweeping through the BTS house)
Howdy folks,

We’ll be hosting another Subscribers Day for MerliniDota subs this Saturday, March 22nd. Depending on what time our detective/police officer hoists himself out of bed – we’ll probably start a bit after 12:00 PST (or 8PM CET).

As you probably have all noticed BeyondTheSummit have been casting around the clock for Starladder and as a result Merlini hasn’t had the same stream schedule as before. So this sub day isn’t as thematic as the last one, but instead will be a casual mix of all kinds of games and we’re just going to see how things go. We’ll throw in some olympic soccer games from the last time, some ability draft, maybe if we get lucky we can get a BTS vs subs game going – we’ll see!

We hope you’ll all join us over at twitch.tv/merlinidota to keep us company and enjoy the funtivities!